How To Fight A Fire

The device used to extinguish fires comes in three different types. The history of a device dates as far back as 1723. The first device was created in England by Ambrose Godfrey. The extinguisher of fires has changed a few times throughout history. It would not be until 1818 when Captain George William Mansby created a device that similar to the extinguishing devices that are well-known today. There are only over 20 companies in the United States who produces the devices. The revenue generated by manufacturers has been over $1 billion. When a person has a device and uses it used for extinguishing the fire, there usually 75 percent chance the fire department would need to respond to the fire. A device to put out of fire can be quite useful considering that they put out nearly 80 percent of fires. In the United States, there are more than 2 million fires neutralized by the use of extinguishing devices. There are a few benefits in having a device available.

Types of Devices Used to Put Out Fires

Any fire extinguisher tacoma wa will come in various types. The most popular device is the Class A type. Class A reaches annual sales of over 18 million devices globally. The volume of sales has accounted for over 40 percent of all sales of all type of devices used to put out fires. Class A is effective against fires involving wood, trash, and paper. The chemical found in the device to combat a fire is monoammonium phosphate. The chemical has the capability to choke out the fire started with wood, trash, and paper. The other type of extinguishing devices is:

  • Class B
  • Class C

Class B is great at combatting fires started by flammable liquids. The device uses chemicals, monoammonium phosphate, and sodium bicarbonate. The Class C device will be helpful to stop electrical fires. Class extinguishing the devices utilized similar chemicals as chemicals used in the device type of Class B.

Benefits of Having A Device Handy

An extinguishing device will be able to prevent fires from filling the air with pollutants and debris. It can keep a fire under control if the fire is noticed before it gets out of hand. By having a device available and it is used properly, the device can save many lives.

Device Must Pass Inspections Be Ready for Use

There are technicians who will ensure the device is working properly. For most devices found in a commercial setting will utilize a technician. A technician will ensure the device is stored properly and ready for use. The device must meet OSHA standards along with other state and local safety regulations. The pressure gauge on the extinguishing device should be checked monthly and documented. In most states the device will be certified and inspected annually by a fire protection equipment company. The few things checked during a monthly inspection would be to ensure the device is fully charged. The access should not be blocked, and a person should ensure the device can be reached in case of an emergency