An Insight into the Bathtub Refinishing Market in Washington DC

Bathtub refinishing services in Washington DC are not hard to find. With an exceptional track record for decades and high standards of excellence, service providers in DC are always in demand. Be it a discolored, cracked or unwanted odor emitting bathtub, the refinishing service providers house certified professionals who use unique methods to repair damaged parts and refinish the current bathtub giving it a glossy brand new look which adds to the aura of the washroom. The refinishing and repairing job can take up to a day and it requires 24 hours of stay-period after which one can resume using the clean and shiny bathtub normally.

The best part is, the cost overheads in refinishing is very feasible and does not burn a hole in the pocket of the customer. According to stats, one can save around 75% of the cost compared to bathtub replacement. The refinishing service providers in DC pledge that a day of work on the tub is worth years of newness. Mostly, the stores are locally owned and are known for solving advanced problems such as repairing of chips and scratches thus retaining the old flawless surface of the tub which becomes easy to clean in the future.

The bathtub refinishing Washington DC is known for charging reasonable rates without any hidden or extra costs. As already mentioned, the certified technicians undergo rigorous training before they are allowed to work in the field. They are also trained to focus on the problems of the customer and at the same time to be courteous towards them. The professionals are experienced and provide honest service. The goal of the service providers is to increase the longevity of the bathtub for a decade or more and save time by providing prompt resolution after a day of inquiry and estimation.

The bathtub refinishing companies do not paint the tub but apply high-end acrylic resins that hold on to the bathtub giving it a gorgeous and long-lasting finish. Some of the firms understand the importance of the bonding of the resins with the tub and have strived to formulate their own proprietary acrylic resins such as MM-4. Some of the common issues of bathtubs are developing of an ugly color, worn out surface making it hard to clean, clawfoot tubs, fractures and most importantly the cost included in remodeling in a short period of time which can be dealt with easily by the reliable refinishing firms in DC.

There are different types of tubs made of different materials which are very well understood by these experts. Starting with the type of materials, they are diverse and include tubs made of marble, porcelain, cast iron, fiberglass, and acrylic. There are other types of tubs such as Jacuzzi, Soaking Bathtubs, jetted tubs which are all be refinished and given a brand new look while fortifying structural integrity of the same. Most of the providers are just a call away and they provide a free visit and a reasonable estimate before the deal is struck.